Lectures lectures in reversed chronological order

Sur l’intensité au cinéma

Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, 2009

Silence, Pause, Turbulence

Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon, 2008

The Sense of Time in the Film Structure

Rai University, New Delhi (India), 2005

Writing for Film

Filmacademy, Tokyo (Japan), 2001

Screenwriting Principles and Practice

Groznjan (Croatia), 1994 and 1995

Invited Scholar for Research

in Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington D.C., 1985

Métaphore et Métonymie

University of Montreal, Quebec & Chicoutimi, 1984

Around "Profane Mythology"

Columbia University, New York, 1983

Miklos Jancso’s "Innovative" Films

Public Theater, New York, 1982-83

Storytelling, Changing Genres

Tel Aviv University, 1980-81

Innovation in Contemporary Film

New School for Social Research, New York, 1979-80

Interviews interviews in reversed chronological order

Conversation with Yvette Biro

by Catherine Portuges

in Studies in East European Cinema, Intellect Publishers, UK, 2010/1-2 - PDF file

Exclusive Interview with Delta Screenwriter Yvette Biro

by Nikki Baughan

in Roll Credits, London, May 2009 - Read


i.e. Bordercrosser

by Timea Hungler

in Hungaricum, Ed. Alexandra, 2008/3, p. 64-67

An Interview with Yvette Biro on Wind

by Richard Raskin

in P.O.V. - A Danish Journal of Film Studies, Number 5, march 1998, p. 23-30 - Read

Film portrait of Yvette Biro

by Gyorgy Baron

made for Duna TV, Budapest, 1995, 55 minutes - See

An Interview with Gyorgy Lukacs

by Yvette Biro

Hungarian in Filmkultura, 68/3 and Italien in Rinascita, 1978?

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