European directors' in alphabetical order

L'Empire des voyages / Voyage to Cythera

Theo Angelopoulos

Review (French) in Études Cinématographiques: Théo Angelopoulos, 1985 Nos 135-149, and in Film Quarterly, Fall 1987, Volume XLI, Number 1, p. 49-57 - More

Six Characters in Search of the Other

Fatih Akin: Auf der anderen Seite (On the Other Side)

Essay in Rouge 2008/10 and in Anachronia, Hamburg 2009/1 - Read

Bergman's Ship Sails On

Ingmar Bergman: Sarabande

Essay in Rouge 2005 - Read

A travers le rève, sobrement

Alain Cavalier : La Rencontre

Sous le signe de la lumière

Alain Cavalier : Ce réponduer ne prend pas de messages

Essays (French) in Études Cinématographiques: Alain Cavalier, 1996 Nos 223-231 p. 63-74, 129-134

A Subtle Story: 35 Shots of Rum

Claire Denis

Essay in Film Quarterly 2009/11 - More

The Intellectual Film

Eisenstein's Plan to Film Marx's Capital

Essay in Telos, New York, Spring 1979 Number 39, p. 153-162

Petite grammaire du hasard

Krzysztof Kieślowski : Le Hasard

Review (French) in Études Cinématographiques : Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1994 Nos 203-210 p. 21-30

The Unbearable Weight of Non-Being

Claude Lanzmann : Shoah

Essay in Cross Currents 1987/6

Il viaggio sentimentale di Marker nel multimediale

Chris Marker: Level 5

Essay (Italian) in Bianco & Nero, Rome 1999/1, p. 20-25

In the Spiral of time

Chris Marker: Sans Soleil

Review in Millennium Film Journal, New York 1984, Nos 14-15, p. 173-177

Investigation of a Stolen Life: I giorni contati

Elio Petri

Essay in Lola 2012/10 - Read

Confined Space

Bela Tarr: Prologue

Review in Unspoken Journal 2009/10 - Read

Varda's One Thousand and One Smithereens

Review in Rouge 2008 - Read in English
and in Filmvilág 2009/6 - in Hungarian

Caryatids of Time

Temporality in the Cinema of Agnès Varda

Essay in PAJ (Performing Arts Journal) No.57, September 1997, Vol. XIX, No. 3, p. 1-11


Jarmusch' Spooky Mission Superbly Accomplished

The Limits of Control

Review in Undercurrent, FIPRESCI - Read

Grotesque Fugue

Bob Wilson: The Meek Woman

Review in PAJ (A Journal of Performance and Art) January 1996


A Tour de Force

Wong Kar-Wai: The Grandmaster

Essay in Lola 2013/08 - Read

Inexhaustible Variety of Emotions - Against a Void (imagined) Screen

Abbas Kiarostami: Shirin

Review in Unspoken Cinema 2010 - Read

Tender is the Regard

Tsai Ming-Liang — Jia Zhang-ke

Essay in Film Quarterly Summer 2008, Vol. 61, No. 4, p. 34–40 - More

Perhaps the Flood...

Tsai Ming-Liang

Essay in Anachronia, Hamburg 2005, Nr. 7, p. 119-129

Tormenting Fragments - Mocking-Melancholy Whole

Elia Suleiman: The Time That Remains

Review in Undercurrent, FIPRESCI - Read

MODERN FILM NARRATION articles' in reversed chronological order

Two Irregular Fairy-Tales

Gus Van Sant: Restless – Aki Kaurismäki: Le Havre

Essay in Anachronia, Hamburg, Nr. 11, March 2012, p. 106-112.

The Fullness of Minimalism

Essay in Rouge 2006/07 - Read

"THE OTHER EUROPE" articles' in reversed chronological order

A Whole Account of a Great Soul

Lorraine Mortimer: "Terror and Joy", book on Dusan Makavejev

Review in Screening the Past 2009 - Read

La revue Filmkultura

Essay (French) in Théorème : "Cinéma Hongrois", Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle 2003, Paris, p. 165-171

Within and Without the Walls: Film in Eastern Europe

Essay in Dissent, New York Winter 1993, p. 105-110

Landscape after Battle: Films from "the Other Europe"

Essay in Dædalus, Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, New York Winter 1990, Volume 119, Number 1, p. 161-182 - More

Pathos and Irony

Essay in Politics, Arts and Commitement, Ed. David W.Paul, St Martin's, New York 1983, p. 28-48

CONTEMPORARY ART FORMS authors' in alphabetical order

A Repainted General

Georg Baselitz Filtering the Past

Review in PAJ (A Journal of Performance and Art) No.75, September 2003, Volume XXV, No. 3, p. 95-100 - More

Pina Bausch's New Minimyths

Essay in PAJ (A Journal of Performance and Art) No.59, May 1998, Volume XX, No. 2, p. 68-72

The Big Storehouse

Christian Boltanski

Essay in PAJ (A Journal of Performance and Art) No.61, January 1999, Volume XXI, No. 1, p. 58-62

Fantomes. Disparitions

Sophie Calle

Essay (French) in Lettres Internationales, Paris 2000

Le secret des portraits de Fayoum

Essay (French) in Trafic, Paris, n° 36

Tamed Savagery and Anarchy

Witold Gombrowicz: "Yvonne"

Review in PAJ (A Journal of Performance and Art) No.64, January 2000 Volume XXII, No. 1, p. 101-104

Digging Around the Ruins of Utopia

Ilya Kabakov

Essay in PAJ (Performing Arts Journal) No.54, September 1996, Vol. XVIII, No. 3, p. 58-65

Momentum of the Ephemeral

Kawamata's Temporary Structures

Essay in PAJ (A Journal of Performance and Art) No.67, January 2001 Volume XXIII, No. 1, p. 105-111

The Author is on Fire

David Lynch : "The Air is on Fire", exhibition in Fondation Cartier, Paris (2007)

Essay in Rouge 2007/12 - Read

Ceasefire With Death - The Mortal Reality of a Poetic Play

Charlotte Salomon's songplay

Review in Anachronia, Hamburg 2007, Nr. 8, p. 167-171

Varda's Open Harbor

"Il et Elle", installation in Fondation Cartier, Paris (2006)

Essay in Rouge 2006 - Read

The Arc of the Passions

Bill Viola

Essay in Turbulence and Flow in Film, Indiana University Press, Bloomington 2008, p. 172-178 - More

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