Yvette Biro Ph.D. - Essayist, Screen-writer, and Professor Emeritus at New York University Graduate Film School (NYU).

Her early books on the aesthetics of film were first published in her native Hungary, which became handbooks for film-schools in some countries. Meanwhile she worked on a dozen of prizewinning films with noted directors (Miklos Jancso, Zoltan Fabri, Karoly Makk). She was both the founder and the Editor-in-Chief of Filmkultura, the magazine of the democratic opposition.

In the mid 1970s, she was “offered” the chance to emigrate by the Hungarian authorities. After teaching at the Sorbonne in Paris, she moved to the USA to teach at the Universities of Berkeley and Stanford, California.

In 1982 she was hired as a professor then became Full Professor on the faculty of the Tisch Scool of the Arts (Film and TV Graduate Division) at NYU where she worked until her retirement in 2007. During these years, she was often invited as Visiting Professor to various universities, for instance the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, the Sorbonne in Paris, FEMIS in Paris, Centro Sperimentale in Rome, the University of Hongkong, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Rai University in New Delhi.

She regularly held workshops and master-classes in screen-writing in Bombay, Budapest, the Dominican Republic, Harare (Zimbabwe), Havanna (Cuba), Istanbul, Ljubljana, Jyvaskyle (Finland), Prague, Sarajevo, Tokyo, Toronto, Zagreb, etc.

She has written numerous books on film which have been translated into several languages. Her essays have been published in professional magazines internationally – Film Quarterly, Etudes Cinematographiques, Performing Arts Journal, Bianco & Nero, Dædalus, Millenium, Village Voice, etc., on online magazines such as Rouge and the Unspoken Journal.

Her latest book, Turbulence and Flow in Film was published by Indiana University Press in 2008.

It has taken close to twenty years for her to return to film production. Although her script Arrivals and Departures (1995) won the European Script Fund Award, the film has never been made.

Her recent scripts have been produced by various European co-production companies: The Stone Raft (2003) with George Sluizer, Johanna (2006), Delta (FIPRESCI Prize in Cannes 2008) and Tender Son (2010) by Kornél Mundruczó.

She cowrote with Kornél Mundruczó a play, Judasevangelium which opened at the Hamburg Thalia Theatre in September 2009. Other stage productions: The Frankenstein Project (2007/2008) and Hard to be a God (2010) has toured to various European theatres in Brussels, Lisbon, Paris, Vienna, etc.

After spending more than 25 years in New York, she has now re-established herself in Paris.

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